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In Memoriam: Frederic M. Richards

What's New:

2014.09.30: Version 0.8 of Coot is available on Core Linux and OS X workstations as the current default. To use the previous version on Linux, type 'setup coot prev'.

2014.08.28: Version 3.7 of POV-Ray for high-quality 3-D ray tracing has been installed. This is useful with PyMOL, either with the ray command, or via scripting.

2014.08.25: Update 021 to CCP4 6.4.0 has been installed. Along with corrections to the monomer library, updates to ctruncate, pointless, and aimless are available.

2014.07.17: Remote access to Core applications from Windows is available by using the FastX client, downloadable from the Yale Software Library, to connect to

2014.06.27: The Core installation of Phenix 1.9 now supports using structure modeling via Rosetta for molecular replacement and refinement. See the linked documentation for details.

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