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Last Modified: Monday, 16-Sep-2013 09:49:43 EDT

CSB Archived Applications

Many applications have apparently fallen into disuse. They have been moved to /srv/local/01archive, and eventually may be backed up to offline storage and deleted. If you need to use one of these applications, you may In any case, if one of the archived applications is of use to you, let the staff no so it can be returned to the universe of active programs.

List of applications archived 2006.06.07

bbdep             hmmer              phases
cap       	  hole2 	     probe
chemedit  	  info		     python-irix
correct   	  java		     raxctrl
critxpl 	  look		     rotamer
define_s	  macmol	     rvplayer5.0
dialx		  macrodox	     scwrl
dps_gui 	  man		     seg
drawna		  manip 	     setor
eisenberg	  mapedit2.3	     ssh
fasta		  maxim 	     surfvol
fragment	  maxscale	     tnt
frame		  mdtc1.0	     urt
freehelix	  namot 	     utilcurrent
freetype	  nuclin-nuclsq      vim
gvx               pgplot	     xop