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CSB NT Workstations

To log onto the NT workstation, use the name "user" and the password "csbcore". This is the general log on account for all users.

Programs Available:

  1. Microsoft Office 97
  2. Endnote 3.01
  3. Photoshop 5.0
  4. Canvas 5.0.3
  5. Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.01
  6. Conversions Plus 4.0
  7. Stuffit
  8. WinZIP
  9. Telnet
  10. Netscape Navigator
  11. FTP
  12. Norton Antivirus 4.0
  13. Text Bridge Pro 98
  14. ISIS/DRAW with ACD/3D

Hardware Available:

  1. Xerox C55 Color Laser Printer
  2. Epson Expression 636 Scanner (on MASON)
  3. HP 6250 Scanner w/document feeder (on GLAZIER)
  4. Syquest 230MB EZFlyer Drive (on MASON)
  5. Iomega 1GB Jaz Drive (on MASON)
  6. Iomega 2GB jaz Drive (on GLAZIER)
  7. Smart and Friendly 4x CD-RW Drive (on MASON)
  8. Polaroid ProPalette Film Recorder (on GLAZIER)

The general purpose of this system is as an document preparation workstation. It is located on the private network and as such, can not be accessed by machines on the public network. Once the transfer from public to private addresses is completed and the firewall configured, this will no longer be a problem.

There are two options for running the various programs. You may click on the icon on the top right of the screen to launch the program of interest or launch the program from the "START" button on the bottom left of the screen and following the menu up to "Programs" and to the program of interest.

As with the PowerMac computer, any storage on the hard drive of the NT workstation should be considered temporary and personal files may be removed without warning. The temporary space is on the D:\ drive and any files that you dowload or put onto the NT computer should be placed on that drive. Also, there are permissions installed on the C:\ drive that do not allow software to be installed onto the NT workstation. However, if you feel that you need a program installed, email problems@csb.yale.edu.

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