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Cartesian All Atom Coordinate Comparison

Plots the absolute distance between like atoms in two PDB files as shown below. The filled circles represent the distances between respective alpha carbons in the two files. The open circles represent distances between respective side chain and other backbone atoms in the two files.

To use coordcomp in the CSB core lab, type:

coordcomp PDBfilename1 PDBfilename2 (it's in /srv/local/bin/)

A plot similar to the one above should appear on your screen if you are local. The results are deposited in three files in your current working directory for alternate analysis:

  1. dist.list - Distances between the same respective atom in each PDB file
  2. dist.plt - A data file useful for plotting the data in XMGR
  3. dist.param - Parameter file for displaying dist.plt in XMGR

If you are not local here is a copy of the coordcomp script.

Please send comments/problems to Pat Fleming.

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