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Authors: RICHARD LAVERY ( richard@ibpc.fr) and HEINZ SKLENAR

Curves is an algorithm for calculating a helical parameter description for any irregular nucleic acid segment with respect to an optimal, global helical axis.

An example of the output file for a dodecamer of DNA is available and the graphical output for this molecule is shown below.

These results were obtained using the example described below.

There is a hard copy of the manual in the core area and on-line documentation is available.

Getting Started.

In the CSB core the program curves should be in your default path. You need a command file and a coordinate file to run curves. Look at the example command file and alter yours.

To run the example, type the following:

cp /sgi/local/curves/* .
curves < cur.inp

The two output files are dick.lis and dick.pdb. The PDB file may be opened in any molecular graphics program (you may have to add some "TER" records between the molecules).

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