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HBPLUS is a hydrogen bond calculation program The authors are I.K. McDonald, D. Naylor, D. Jones and J.M. Thornton. It will do the following:

The individual executables hbplus, accall, clean, chkqnh and chkqnh.scr should be in your default path (/sgi/local/bin/).

To use HBPLUS with all default parameters just type:

setup hbplus

and follow the prompts.

1 How to Use HBPLUS - Quick Instructions
2.1 Installation
2.2 Glossary of terms used in this guide, and in the program
2.3 The Command-Line Options
2.4 Input Files
2.5 Output File(s) Format
2.6 Adding New Residue Types
3.1 Introduction to Hydrogen Bonds
3.2 The Algorithm
3.2.1 Calculation of the Hydrogen Positions
3.3 Selecting Potential Hydrogen Bonds
3.4 Orienting ASN, GLN and HIS side-chains
4 References

Note: If you use results from HBPLUS in a publication please cite the following:

I.K. McDonald and J.M. Thornton (1994), "Satisfying Hydrogen Bonding Potential in Proteins", JMB 238:777-793

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