VERIFY_3D reads the output file of the program ENVIRONMENTS and a
 3D-1D scoring table. It creates a profile and plots the average 
 3D-1D score within a window as a function of sequence position. 
 The plot is written to the output file. The GCG version of 
 VERIFY_3D makes a plot using the GCG graphics libraries.

 It will ask for the following:

 1) The ENVIRONMENTS output file
 2) A file containing the 3D-1D scoring table
 3) A file name for the output plot data.
    The output file lists first the 3D-1D score and the sum at each
    	position. Then the average 3D-1D score within the chosen 
	window at each position.

 4) A window size for the average 3D-1D score.