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setup uppsala

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Uppsala Software Factory - Welcome !

On these pages you will find manuals for (most of) Gerard's programs and links to other useful O or O-related information, programs and resources. All software is available free of charge to academic and non-profit organisations. Commercial users may contact Gerard for licensing information.

All USF programs are available as executables for SGI (Irix), DEC Alpha (Digital Unix), Intel (Linux) and Apple (OSX) systems (download page).

All program documentation is © G.J. Kleywegt, 1992-2002.

Dr. Gerard J. Kleywegt
Research Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Uppsala University, Biomedical Centre, Box 596
SE-751 24 Uppsala, SWEDEN.

Phone: (+46) - (0)18 - 471 48 70
Fax: (+46) - (0)18 - 53 69 71
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If you just visit this site to consult the manual of a certain program, select the program of your choice from the pop-up menu above and then hit the "Go !" button. The appropriate manual page will then appear in this frame immediately !

Uppsala Software Factory

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USF Latest update at 20 September, 2002.