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VNMR is the Varian NMR software program. It supports data acquisition, processing, display and data analysis for liquids, pulsed field gradients, solids, and imaging. We have the SGI version installed in the CSB core laboratory for post-acquisition processing of data.

The documentation is online as PDF files. These are available from the Graphical User Interface described below. The inital help document Getting Started may be consulted for an overview (320 pages of PDF!).

Sample data (Exp 1) will be deposited in your home directory upon activation of your "VNMR Account", described below.

Before you use VNMR for the first time you must "activate your VNMR account" by creating a directory tree, vnmrsys/, in your home directory. Do this with the following commands:

cd ~
tar xf /srv/local/vnmr/vnmrsys.tar

After you have the vnmrsys/ directory tree in your home directory you must setup the environmental variables and paths for VNMR each time you login and want to use VNMR.

On any SGI type:

setup vnmr or (source /srv/local/setup/vnmr.set)

This will significantly change your UNIX environment and launch a new Toolchest. The new Toolchest has a pull-down menu labeled Vnmr. From this pull-down menu you may launch the program, VnmrSGI, or other accessory programs. When you launch VnmrSGI the three windows of the Graphical User Interface should open.

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