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ANALysis POWEr { <dynamics-power-statement> } END is invoked from the main level of X-PLOR.
<dynamics-power-statement> :==
defines the input data; see Section 11.1.3.
performs Fourier back-transformation on power spectrum to obtain the vector autocorrelation function (default: FALSE).

provides length of correlation function in units of psec; it affects only the output file (default: 10).
writes the correlation function to the specified file.
provides the length of the power spectrum in units of psec; it affects only the output file, not the calculation (default: 1000).
puts the power spectrum into the specified file.
is an optional specification of a power of 2 for the FFT (default: 1).
is the skip value for the printout of the power spectrum. It does not affect the calculation. If pskip is zero, no power spectrum is written (default: 1).
trims the first (largest) peak from the power spectrum if TRIM is TRUE; if a correlation function is calculated later and the peak was at 0, this is equivalent to shifting the long time limit of the correlation function to 0 () (default: FALSE).
WINDow=( <real> <real> )
sets to zero everything in the power spectrum that is outside the window defined by the two values in units of psec (default: (0,1000)).

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