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OPTImize OVERall
{ <xrefin-optimize-overall-statement> } END is an xrefin statement. Action takes place as soon as the END statement is issued.
carries out anisotropic refinement if TRUE; if FALSE, isotropic refinement is carried out ( default: FALSE).
is a starting overall isotropic B-factor (only for ANISotropic = FALSE) (default: 0).
B22=<real> B33=<real> B12=<real>
B13=<real> B23=<real>
is a starting overall anisotropic B-factor (only for ANISotropic=TRUE) (default: 0).
is the initial expected drop in the target function (default: 10.0).
is the number of least-squares cycles ( default: 5).
specifies the termination criterion: minimal gradient (default: 0).
RESTiction=ALL | OFFDiagonal | NONE
specifies if the anisotropic B-factor tensor will be restricted according to the space group symmetry. ALL means that all B parameters are strictly restricted according to the above table. OFFDiagonal means that only , and are restricted. NONE means no restrictions (default: ALL).

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