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Machine-dependent Routines

The use of machine-dependent features has been minimized in X-PLOR. There are, however, a few features that cannot be made portable: time, date, username, system-name, file open, file close, file inquiry, floating-point traps, interactive prompting, and optimized 3-dimensional FFT. With the exception of the FFT routines, all these features are straightforward to obtain on any machine. The vectorization of X-PLOR was carried out in such a way that it does not degrade performance on conventional machines to a significant degree. Machine-dependent routines reside in modules ``vaxtime.s", ``craytime.s", ``convextime.s", and so on.

Please make sure that you have copied the machine-dependent ``.s" file from the machine-specific directory into the source directory before invoking the installation procedure.

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