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Command Files (Located in Directory [xplor.vax])
executes the command file with each ``.s" file in the $SOURCE directory.
notes differences of all ``.inp" files in the $TEST directory.
executes the command files in the sequence required to perform a complete X-PLOR installation.
links X-PLOR using the ``xplor.olb" library (in the ``vax" directory).
defines all symbols and logicals.
produces a listing of the specified ``.s" source file.
makes the ``prexplor" executable file. filename [debug flag]
precompiles, compiles, and inserts in the library the given filename. It uses library ``xplor.olb" in directory [xplor.vax] and deletes intermediate files.
runs X-PLOR once for each test case in the $TEST directory. The output from these tests resides in the ``*.vax" files.

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