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Generic UNIX Installation

This section is applicable not only to the CONVEX but to all UNIX installations of X-PLOR.

Load the ``convex", ``source", ``toppar", and ``tutorial" directories on the system. Make the ``object_library" directory. Machine-dependent routines are in ``convextime.s" and ``convex.c". Make sure you have copied the ``convextime.s" file into the SOURCE directory. The FORTRAN code for the precompiler ``PREXPLOR" is in the file ``prexplor.f". Compile and link ``prexplor.f" by executing ``prexplor". Dimensioning is stored in ``prexplor.dim". All command files in the ``convex" directory are for the C-shell. Go into the ``convex" directory and modify ``" according to your directory structure. Execute (source) in the C-shell. Make sure the ``convextime.s" module is in the $SOURCE directory. Issue the install command (to run it in background, do ``install >& job.log \&"). The install command will compile all ``*.s" files as well as the machine-dependent c module (convex.c).

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