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Command Files (Located in Directory xplor/convex) [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]]]
compiles all files matching supplied file masks using maximum optimization level. [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]]]
the test output files in xplor/test directory, matching the supplied file masks with the same name and extensions of ``*.convex" and ``old/*.convex". It then removes all lines that are expected to differ because of times or filename paths. The result is left in the file of the given name with the extension ``.diff".
executes the command files in the sequence required to perform a complete X-PLOR installation.
links X-PLOR using the FORTRAN compiler (fc). All object files must reside in the $OBJ directory. [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]]]
precompiles all files in the current working directory and any subdirectories that match the given file mask(s). The output from the precompilation resides in the file with the same name, except for the extension, which is changed to ``p". [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]
] ] produces a listing of the specified ``.s" source file.
makes the ``prexplor" executable file. [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]]]
performs both the Precompile and Compile commands. [filemask1 [filemask2 [ ... filemaskn]]]
X-PLOR once for each test case in the xplor/tests directory. The output from these resides in the ``.convex" files.
defines all environment variables and aliases.

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