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(Robert Esnouf's extensions to MolScript v 1.4 )

A normal MolScript file will run with BobScript and produce virtually identical results to the naked eye. The main areas of added functionality are: sticks and spheres, stereo pictures, flexible colouring (colour ramping) and map drawing.

An online manual with examples is available which describes the functions provided by Bobscript, draw, makeright, midas2mol and r3d2pov

The following useful programs (for SGI's) along with bobscript are in your path:

To produce a rendered image from a Bobscript input file.
makeright: Creates identical copy of a r3d input file, used for creating stereo images
midas2mol: Produces a bobscript input file from midas.
r3d2pov: Converts Raster3D input to POV-Ray input

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