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Molscript General Description

Molscript was conceived by Per Kraulis, now at the Karolinska Institute. It can output ball-and-stick models, CPK structres, ribbon drawing, C-alpha traces with color, shading and depth cueing.

Molscript uses a command input file to define the atom coordinates and the graphical display. Output may be one of the following:

postscript vrml raster3d eps jpeg png

The User Manual is available online as HTML or as hard copy in the core.

You must first type,

setup molscript (or source /srv/local/setup/molscript.set)

to use molscript in the CSB core.

Bobscript : Robert Esnouf's extensions to MolScript v 1.4 is available in the core.

Click on one of the examples below for info on how to make a similar one.

Please Note: If you publish a figure using this program please cite the following:

Per J. Kraulis, "MOLSCRIPT: a program to produce both detailed and schematic plots of protein structures", Journal of Applied Crystallography (1991) vol 24, pp 946-950.

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