Example of thick bond model with selected electron density in stereo

(Thanks to Carsten Schubert for working this out the first time).

sam_at_in prot.pdb

Sam> O associated molecule name: pep

mol pep
obj pep
centre_atom 156
paint_prop atom_name = c* white
z 154 158 end

read radii.o

sketch_cpk pep


Sketch> Setup for what type? [stick]:
Sketch> Solid, line or smooth mode? [smooth]:
Sketch> Radius? [ 0.2]:
Sketch> Number of edges [ 4]: 10

sketch_stick pep

map_file map.dn6
map_obj map
map_par 10 10 10 1. lime_green 0.5 0.1 1
map_cover pep 1

write .gs_real matrixpep.o ;

Every time you read in this matrix it restores this view, i.e.

read matrixpep.o

rot_pic y -3

rot_pic y 6

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