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Conference mode

  When a conference is in progress, both locally generated commands and commands that are read over the network are sent to the history file so that the history file has the most complete record possible of the session. However, playing back these history files is not guaranteed to reproduce the session exactly for several reasons. First, file names that are placed in the history file are not necessarily the files that are read, because of the complex file transfers that can occur during a conference. Secondly, there are several commands that are ignored by spock (such as a request to go to full screen mode and others listed in § 6.1.7) if they come over the network while spock is in a conference but these commands are placed in the history file. If you play back the history file there's nothing to distinguish locally- from remotely-generated commands, and so the previously ignored commands will be executed. If you want to use history files generated from a conference session, some hand editing may be necessary.

Jon Christopher
Tue Sep 14 16:44:48 CDT 1999