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License information:

  Spock needs a license file in order to execute. If you're simply trying spock, see the web page at This web page contains an interactive form which will generate a license that's valid for up to 30 days. This license should be saved in the spock system directory $SPOCK under the name LICENSE.

If you decide to purchase spock, follow the instructions in the file license.txt of the spock distribution, or see We'll generate and send you a permanent LICENSE to replace the trial one. For those academic labs without current grant support, or for those for whom purchasing spock would present a financial hardship, we offer discretionary gratis licenses as discribed in the license.txt file.

Note that in some cases, there's an environment variable that must be set for spock's licensing routines to work. If the unix hostname(1) command on your machine does not return a fully qualified host name (i.e. it doesn't have the domain) set the variable $SP_DOMAIN to the local domain. This command should be put in the system Spockrc file as described below.

Jon Christopher
Tue Sep 14 16:44:48 CDT 1999